10 Golden Rules of being Healthy

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  • On 08/06/2020
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“Don’t eat what your great-great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food,” Pollan warns about the ultra-processed and derived products available to us in supermarkets even when they advertised with healthy properties.


Food produces that privileges to have health aids are a good sign that it is not food. And the food is what you have to eat. If your ancestors did not know that eaten, avoid it.


2. The Basic Is Healthy

Alternatives to traditional foods do not necessarily guarantee complete and balanced nutrition.


Mainly because marketing does not usually wait for scientific evidence. And the attributions tend to be doubtful.


Don’t forget that margarine was one of the first industrialized foods that claimed to be a healthy replacement and ended up causing heart attacks in people,” – explains the author.


And as a recommendation that they have unknown of value to say about your fitness.


3. In The Ingredients, More Is Less

There are essential additives to ensure the preservation and consistency of the product but take an expression at the grade of ingredients. And If there are more than five, it should avoid, – says Pollan.


It is not necessarily a harmful feature per se, but it is the reliable marker that a food highly processed.


The popularizer especially invites to be cautious with sugars: they can come under less recognizable names, such as syrups.


4. Do Not Buy Only In The Supermarket

Although the chains are increasingly betting on fresh foods with the designation of origin, their business model includes the sale of industrialized products with a longer shelf life but rich in sugar or salt.


If our supermarket does not offer greengrocers and greengrocers, it is advisable to complement the purchase in traditional commerce.


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